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Gurudeva Interview by Loni Petranek Part XII

This is part 12 of a radio interview conducted by Loni Petranek with Gurudeva. The interview gives an overview of Gurudeva's worldwide mission.Today Gurudeva shares with Loni how before the second world war women stayed at home and did not work. They looked after the children and cared for the home. They then talk about how women working has changed society.

Unedited Transcript:

Gurudeva: In the United States, we had a very wonderful culture before the First World War. That culture all went away after the Second World War. But, before the World Wars there was no delinquency; that word was not ever mentioned, it didn't exist. the parents were held responsible by the community for the behavior of the kids. Mothers didn't work. They stayed home and they took care of their family. The society grew and flourished. Then, after the Second World War, women had to go out to work and never were at home.That became the culture, or non-culture, that the whole world is following right now. The recipients of that happening are the disturbed youth, who basically are raising themselves. That is why we have gangs now, delinquency now, and all kinds of problems, because Mom is not home, doing her job.

Loni: Yeah. It is a real dilemma, I think, because women want to participate in more than having children and being a mother. If they can do that and also participate in the world in bringing something forth, a creative expression in a book, in dance or whatever. So, I know it is a real challenge for many women, because they see that the men have the opportunity to do both. They can go to work and they can come home. The women really don't have that opportunity. So, I think there is a real dilemma there.

Gurudeva: In my Church, we have a very large, international congregation. Most of them are Asian families. I have one policy. A couple came just day-before-yesterday from London to see me, and they were coming on their honeymoon. I told them, "If you have any problems in your marriage, it is always the husband's fault." I always take the side of the wife. Why do I do that? Because, he brings her into his home, to love and care for her. I said, "We want you to buy her gold bracelets so that she cannot lift up her arms, earrings until her ears hurt, and all the fine things of life. And, then together, you bring children into your home." So, he is responsible for that. To be kind, caring, to be generous, to bring out all those qualities within him. I think, then, the mother spirit also comes up on the other side, in the woman.

It is not like the European idea, 'I am the head of the house. Do what I say, even if I am telling you the wrong thing to do. You have to do it, because I say so, because I am the head of the house.' That we look upon as the profound ignorance, and very hurtful to people who do that. Because, out of it comes no good. The wife gets hurt, the kids get hurt. It is really bad karma for the man who does that. I think you agree, don't you?

Loni: Absolutely, yes.

Gurudeva: So, we are very happy to see this mother spirit coming forward. Whether it is a married lady, or a lady who wants to express herself, as long as she encourages others to take a stand against violence within the home, to take a stand against drugs, to take a stand and to bring it down to earth, so that we have a Drug-free Kauai. We want a Drug-free Kauai. It is the new millennium, isn't it? So, we are asking ladies to do it! I think the ladies are going to do it. Would you help?

Loni: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely!