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Gurudeva Interviewed by Loni Petranek, Part X

This is a radio interview conducted by Loni Petranek with Gurudeva. The interview gives an overview of Gurudeva's worldwide mission. In the tenth part today Gurudeva and Loni talk about the new millennium. And Gurudeva also shares with Loni a little about the Hindu calendar. They also talk about the new resurgence of the mother spirit.

Unedited Transcript:

Loni: Now, let us speak about the the new millennium. Your insights or visions that you see, as far as the new millennium, here on this island. As you know, there is a lot of talk about the Y2K and what is going to transpire into the new millennia. I would like to have your outlook or your perspective.

Gurudeva: Well, knowing how the mind works, Loni, by what we think about and what we feel deeply, we are stimulating a creative process and then we create. So, we feel that all the people that are thinking something bad is going to happen, something bad will probably happen to them. All the people thinking something is good, they are going to create goodness in their lives for the next thousand years. We intend to create goodness for the next thousand years. The Christian calendar does not mean anything to us. We have a five-thousand year old calendar.

Loni: That is right.

Gurudeva: Which starts in April, not in January.

Loni: This coming year.

Gurudeva: Yes, next year. Five thousand one hundred and two, next year I think. We create our future by getting the vision, holding the vision and then making the vision happen or bringing it down to earth. When I was growing up, Loni, everybody knew what they were going to do throughout their whole life, when they were, like, twelve years of age. Life was not very complicated at that particular time. You either knew from the inside or your parents told you or your relatives told you or pointed you in a direction. You chose your direction and everybody got behind you and life was fairly simple then. That has all gotten lost, since we have been through two world wars and that broke down our culture. You wanted to talk about the new resurgence of the mother spirit?

Loni: Yes. In fact, that was very much on my mind. The reason for this is, Kauai has always been looked upon throughout the United States as a very special island of feminine energy. It seems to emanate this. I have just noticed through reading, and through the books that have been coming out that there is this resurgence of what they call the 'Sacred Feminine' or the 'Goddess Energy' and books like 'A God who looks like Me' etc. I would like to have your view on that. I know that, basically, the women look at the world religions as being patriarchal. That is why this movement or possibly the impetus for this movement. But, I think Hinduism is a bit unique in this area.

Gurudeva: Yes, Hinduism is matriarchal, patriarchal and a combination of both. In fact, in the State of Kerala, India, the women own the land, they run the home and they are treated like Goddesses. In other places, it is just the opposite. So, it is a very flexible religion.

Photo of  Gurudeva
In the subtle worlds, Siva has the most beautiful form, not unlike a human form, but an absolutely perfect human form. He thinks. He talks. He walks. He makes decisions.