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Gurudeva Interviewed by Loni Petranek Part IX

This is the ninth part of a radio interview conducted by Loni Petranek with Gurudeva. The interview gives an overview of Gurudeva's worldwide mission. Today Gurudeva shares more about the book Lemurian Scrolls and also mentions how the monks in his monastery have modeled their monastic living over some of the advice in this book. He also share with Loni some of the visions that he has had.

Unedited Transcript:

Gurudeva: It is a really wonderful book, very inspiring. It tells about life in the ancient days and gives us advice on how we can live it today. We have modeled our monastic living after some of that advice and it has made a very harmonious group. Nobody argues, nobody fights and if any misunderstanding comes up even today, it is settled before bedtime.

Loni: That is a good idea. Well, it reminds me of people, sort of, holding information. I have just met with someone here, who is working with some very valuable information about Kauai. I have spoken with some Kupunas and now they feel it is safe to actually bring the information or the gifts, so to speak, out because the younger generation now speaks the language and will protect and keep it intact. So it does go out, as it is supposed to go out. It is what you are speaking about the 'Lemurian Scrolls'. It is sort of an idea, whose time has come and so to be sharing that. Now, you spoke about channeling and you didn't feel it was channeling. How do you receive most of your information?

Gurudeva: Well, this particular experience was reading from the akasa. Actually seeing through the third eye, just like looking at a TV set. So, I wouldn't call that channeling. We call that reading the akasa. There are other forms of channeling, of listening to people speak in the other world. Then of course, there is walk-ins and walk-outs and all of that. But this is very specialized. It happened and when it was finished, it never happened again. So these things come to you. It is not like you can turn them on and off. It is for a certain purpose. It is like, the people in the other side in the other world now want to communicate. So, they open the door and when they are finishing, they close the door.

Loni: Now, you also had visions before you came. You knew that this is where you were going to be establishing your headquarters, so to speak, your monastery and temple. You received that clairaudiently and clarivoyantly, as far as that information?

Gurudeva: The vision about the temple came in an early morning dream. The difference between a dream and vision is, you forget your dream but a vision is even stronger in your mind years later, than even it was at first.

Loni: So you receive a vision, you can receive it in a dream state or is it in a conscious state?

Gurudeva: It is in a half-way state and it only happens early morning. just as you are coming back into your body.

Loni: A lot of people would say it is intuition. Is there a difference there?

Gurudeva: Intuition is your own superconsciousness and everybody has that. You know, you get a flash, an idea. That is your intuition.

Loni: So, receiving a vision, there is a differentiation.

Gurudeva: That is different. That is also if the people in the inner world want to give you a message, either verbal message or a visual message. They open the door, you get it. That is not like an off-and-on switch that you can work yourself.