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Gurudeva Interviewed by Loni Petranek Part VIII

This is part 8 of a radio interview conducted by Loni Petranek with Gurudeva. The interview gives an overview of Gurudeva's worldwide mission. In the eight part today Loni asks Gurudeva to share about his book the "Lemurian Scrolls". Gurudeva tells of how he read the book clairvoyantly about 20 years ago.

Unedited Transcript:

Loni: Welcome back to 'In Spirit'. We are in conversation with Gurudeva and he is a spiritual leader of the Hindu temple. If you haven't been up there, it is just exquisite and beautiful. I understand you need to make an appointment now, because of so many people.

Gurudeva: Actually, we have visiting days that happen periodically. You telephone and the telephone system will tell you when the visiting days are. They are almost every week and 20, 30, 40 people will come. So, a lot of the island people visit us and we are very, very happy about that.

Loni: So, it is some place! I really believe, if you are a tourist out there and you are listening to this program, you should definitely make an appointment to see it. It is just beautiful, with the waterfalls and the rare, indigenous plants that you have up there also.

Gurudeva: Very large collection and we have visitors nearly everyday.

Loni: Well since we are talking about Kauai and plants and things. It comes to mind about Lemuria, as you well know, many believe that this is remnants of the land of Mur, Lemuria. You have a book, a wonderful book out, called the 'Lemurian Scrolls.' Can you speak about that?

Gurudeva: Well, it is a book that I didn't write, I read it. I read it in the akasa. The wonderful, interesting thing happened to me a number of years ago, about 20 years ago. I was at the Coco Palms Hotel at breakfast time. This is when everyone was smoking a lot, so you would see clouds of smoke around a table. One day I saw a big cloud of smoke and I saw a man there, in the smoke. My third eye opened and he had a book in his hand. I thought, "What is that?" He opened the book and the words kind-of came out of the smoke into my mind and I asked someone, "Write this down, really fast." So next time, I went back to see if it would happen again and it did. That went on for months and months and months and out of it came the 'Lemurian Scrolls', from this akasic library. It wasn't really channeling, as people do channel today. It was reading the akasa, reading a book in the akasa. It was a book - actually from several books - about how people lived in those days, what they did, how they thought, why they came to the planet. It was so fantastic that we didn't let anybody read it. We just put it away and the monks in the monastery would read it occasionally. But, last year we got the impulse, that it should go out to the public. So, we had historians and scholars review the book and make their comments about it. We were really amazed at what they said, about the time sequences and about the content and so forth. We have about ten, twenty scholars and historians with their pictures and their comments, right in the first part of the book, which is very, very interesting. So, it is a book that I read, I did not write.

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