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Gurudeva Interviewed by Loni Petranek, Part IV

This is a radio interview conducted by Loni Petranek with Gurudeva. The interview gives an overview of Gurudeva's worldwide mission. In the fourth part today Loni asks Gurudeva to share some information about some of the community services that the monastery does.

Unedited Transcript:

Loni: You also participate in what is happening for the 'Vision for Kauai'. Can you maybe enlighten us as to what you are supporting and what you are moving with?

Gurudeva: Well this little group, 'Vision for Kauai, Vision 2020', is looking ahead 20 years and finding out in our minds what the island is going to be like, what the people are going to be like, who is going to come to the island and what they are Has worked out extremely well. We have been meeting now, for 2 years. First every month and now, every other month. We sit around, talk, look ahead and out of it has come these 'Aloha' posters. You have seen them?

Loni: Yes.

Gurudeva: We recently asked Larry Rivera to create a song. Have you heard it?

Loni: No, I haven't but I know Larry.

Gurudeva: It is a beautiful song and he sang it before the County Council the other day. A really nice song of the Aloha spirit and it is called the 'Kauai Anthem'. So Kauai now has an anthem, which all the school children will sing in every school. We are going to ask Larry to go around and teach the children. You know, he is our State Treasurer. He has been singing for so, so many, many years and so we are very enthusiastic about that. We do our part to help the community. We have been printing these little 'Aloha' cards, hundreds of thousands of them. It is very easy for us to do, because we print it right along with our magazine and they have been distributed.

Also recently, we have done something else for the island. We have been working with community to create a 'Drug Free Kauai' CD, along with six posters which will be seen on all community bulletin boards. This CD is sort of a scared-straight CD. It shows the consequences of what will happen to a young person or anyone, matter of fact, if they take ice or start on one kind of drug or another. We interviewed the Chief of Police and some Vice Squad detectives. They told us, step by step, what they do and how they set up a 'sting operation'. The Mayor is giving an interview. We have DQ Jackson, who works for the emergency room of the hospital, give a chilling report on people coming in, dead on arrival, because they lived too far away from the hospital. Four inmates of KCCC, two ladies and two men, give their experience in their own voice. Then we show the Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto point of view of karma, which is very, very important. How it plays a part of the karmic chain, if somebody gets started. If you start somebody on drugs and then they kill somebody, you are a party karmically. Maybe not legally but karmically. You are karmically responsible.

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