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Arthur Pacheco interviews Gurudeva Part 10

Today's cybertalk is part ten of a radio interview with Gurudeva conducted by Arthur Pacheco. Arthur Pacheco conducts a weekly radio show in Honolulu, Hawaii and is also a trans-medium. Today Gurudeva shares with Arthur the message that he gave when he was at the United Nations recently and that is for world peace we must first stop the war in the home. He also shares with the audience the secret mantra that harmonizes all relationships.

Unedited Transcript:

Gurudeva : When I was invited to the United Nations recently, they called religious leaders of all the religions together. (And) We were in the General Assembly Hall. Kofi Annan, General Secretary, explained to all of us, "The United Nations has not done very well. We have not accomplished our goals. (and) We need help from the religious leaders of the world to speak to their congregations, (and) to give their message and also to advise us. Also, we want to hear your voice." They had major religious leaders from every religion and many, many, many countries, all sitting there together.

My message was, "If we want peace on earth, we have to stop the war in the home." Once we stop the war in the home, we can have peace on earth. Right now, we are cultivating and educating killers, right within the home. Parents who beat their kids, teach other parents to beat their kids, who teach other parents to beat their kids and that becomes a way of life. The kids beat their dog, the older brothers beat the younger brothers. By the time they play a lot of video games, they are ready to get out there and kill people, without conscience. Husbands that beat their wives perpetuate the war in the home and train their sons and daughters to do the same thing when they are married.

So, if we stop the war in the home, we have a good chance of bringing peace on earth. It has to start somewhere. Well, everything starts within the home!

That brings me to this beautiful mantra. Six words, if you can remember, when you have a conflict with someone - your aunt, your uncle, your grandmother, your grandfather, your boss, your employees, your next-door neighbor - all you have to do is, mentally say this mantra. Mentally say this mantra and get a flow of prana between you and the individual. Visualize their face and say these six words mentally, until you feel a flow of love between you and them. They don't have to like you but you have to love them. The mantra is in six words, in English and it can be said in any language. "I love you, you love me." Get that wonderful feeling of flowing of prana of love toward that person, who is antagonistic to you. That person, who doesn't look at the world or business project or anything the way you do and antagonizes you.

"I love you and you love me, I love you and you love me." Visualize the face of that individual and feel that prana moving through every part of your body out to them.