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Arthur Pacheco interviews Gurudeva Part 6

Today's cybertalk is part six of a radio interview with Gurudeva conducted by Arthur Pacheco. Arthur Pacheco conducts a weekly radio show in Honolulu, Hawaii and is also a trans-medium. In today's part of the interview, Arthur shares with Gurudeva how he learnt from Gurudeva's Master Course lessons about the power of affirmation and he mentions that he has successfully used that ever since. He then asks Gurudeva to share a little bit more about the power of affirmation.

Unedited Transcript:

Arthur: You know, I remember as part of the Master Course, there was a point there. There were so many points raised, but one stuck with me and it has helped me so much. At one point, you were speaking about the power of affirmation. You said that if any person said, "I can do what I will to do, I can be what I will to be and I will have a wonderful day" and you just go and have a wonderful day. As simple as that is, of course, on the surface, I have found so many times when I felt I was entering a situation that could have been a little bit troublesome or maybe problematic, I have said it and it is like it just clears and disperses the clouds. So this thing with affirmation, there has got to be some deep power connected with this. Can you comment on that?

Gurudeva: Well, you really explained it better about affirmation, even better than I could Arthur. You have a wonderful memory.

Arthur: Thank you.

Gurudeva: A lot of people do not have a very good self image of themselves. Deep inside, they look down upon themselves. Maybe, they have been discouraged by their parents. Maybe, they have been hurt all along the way through life and don't realize that what comes to them, they put in motion through the law of karma in some past life or even in this life. We are busy blaming other people most of the time for what happens to us and that ruins our self image. Therefore, a positive affirmation like "I can be what I will to be, I will do what I will to do", like in the Master Course that you remember from many years ago, builds up the self image. It convinces the subconscious mind, which is the memory compository that holds these ideas and concepts. It is important to feel it too. "I will do what I will to do, I can be what I will to be." Just to feel it through every atom of your being. It is very powerful, very strong. All of the successful people of the world, especially in the entertainment business in Hollywood, those movie actors who have sustained their career, have done so on the power of affirmation.

Arthur: I get the feeling, that is not a very well-known fact.

Gurudeva: No, they don't talk about it much.

Arthur:They probably just let it be understood, it was just their pretty face or something that did it.

Gurudeva: It is a way of life, yes. A way of life.

Arthur: I see.