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Arthur Pacheco interviews Gurudeva Part 4

Today's cybertalk is a radio interview with Gurudeva conducted by Arthur Pacheco. Arthur Pacheco conducts a weekly radio show in Honolulu, Hawaii and is also a trans-medium. This interview is in many parts and in the fourth part today Arthur asks Gurudeva about the different chakras and if society is moving from one chakra to another as a whole. He also mentions that in his counseling work people often ask him if there is something that they are not seeing or doing in their lives and he asks Gurudeva to shed some light on this.

Unedited Transcript:

Arthur: Now, I remember from the Master Course, you would speak in terms of the chakras, the psychic centers in the body. Let us say something like this. Would we be stretching the truth too much to conclude that perhaps, the mass consciousness is starting to work more and more with the different chakras. That would account for this interest?

Gurudeva: Well, I would think so. The higher chakra people are becoming aware that if they want to be in the higher chakras, they have to close off the lower ones. What are the lower ones? They are the ones below the muladhara chakra, that is at the base of the spine. They go right on down to the feet. First one is fear, the next one is anger, the next one is jealousy, the next one is total self-centeredness, selfishness and competition and so forth, right down to killing for the sake of killing and getting a great joy out of it, right at the soles of the feet. Anyone who is angry or jealous or fearful, of course, is not in the higher realms. They are in the lower realms and have to close those doors before. So, we really don't have to awaken spiritually. All we have to do is close the doors of the lower instinctive, intellectual nature. Be Mr. Good Guy and Mrs. Good Girl and all is well. Spiritual comes naturally from the soul, which is spiritual, of course.

Arthur: Yes. In my own counseling work, I find one question comes up more and more. I am really grateful because it shows a lot of conscientiousness. It is this. People will say, "Okay, just tell me. What am I not seeing? I feel like I am missing a point. What is it?" Now of course, it is a very loaded question because there is much they may not be seeing. But I of course, ask for guidance and whatever comes is what I share. If I might, I would like to shift that from the personal to again, the social. What would you say from your very unique point of view, would be something that, let us say, perhaps we as a culture, as a society, or as a nation are not seeing? Where would you direct our attention?

What are we not being or seeing?

Seeing, what are we not seeing? What point are we missing?

Gurudeva: What we are missing is that we gain our happiness by making other people happy. We gain our contentment by making other people content and secure. If everybody would do that, we would have a really nice nation and all the other nations would follow suit.

Arthur: So we are talking of moving away then, from that self-centeredness.

Gurudeva: Exactly. Into a higher nature, which is love, contentment, security and knowledge that comes from within. Like it comes from within you, Arthur, as a wonderful representative of the psychic community, well established in this community and doing a very great job. You get your knowledge and wisdom from within yourself and the great Beings in the Higher world.

Arthur: Thank you.

Gurudeva: So, that will come very, very slowly. Only to a few people, at first. Then, it will begin to spread and spread and spread. Then we will, finally, have a 'New Age'.

Arthur: I see.

Gurudeva: We might have to wait a long time. But, it will eventually come.

Arthur: It will come, won't it? Inevitably, it will come.

Gurudeva: Inevitably!

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What's the biggest barrier? Fear. Afraid of our secret thoughts. Afraid of our secret feelings. What's the biggest escape from fear? Go to the center, where energy exists, the energy that moves the life through the body.