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Law of Karma

A cyber cadet from Luxemburg asks Gurudeva a question on karma. Gurudeva says that karma is action. Gurudeva also says that karma can be mitigated and he goes on to give an example.

Unedited Transcript:

A cyberspace devotee in Luxemburg, that beautiful little country we passed several times in the car. Now you see it, now you don't. Well, he has a question on karma. "An abusive wife, is she creating karma? Then she gets abused and her husband is creating karma for abusing her."

In short, karma means action. Everything that you do is an action. A reaction to an action also creates karma. There are big karmas, little karmas, good karmas, bad karmas and mixed-up karmas. Keep in mind that karma means action and every action has a reaction. We know that. So if you do good, good will come back to you. Some bad might come back to you also, because maybe at some time or another, in a past life perhaps, you did some bad things. They will come back to you.

Karma can be mitigated or diluted. If you hurt somebody's feelings, you can mitigate the karma by saying "I am sorry". Then their feelings change, which means you have changed the karma that will come back to you at some later time.

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Thank you for your very good question on karma. It's a wonderful discussion. If you have more questions along the same lines, we can dig deep into the laws of karma.

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Hope for a future life makes this life worthwhile, joyous, contented and happy, because the Hindu can live and deal with current problems, knowing that they are transitory problems, that they will not last forever; nor will they affect us forever.