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A Destiny with Suicide; Whose Nada do I hear?

A cyber cadet in Chennai asks if it is in our destiny to commit suicide then what should we do. Gurudeva says that the concept of destiny has nothing to do with Sanatana Dharma and that it comes from the Abrahamic religions. Gurudeva says that suicide is absolutely unacceptable and it is a poor investment in our future karmas. Another cyberspace cadet asks how can one tell if he is listening to the nada of his guru or his own nada. Gurudeva says that if he is in touch with a line of gurus then it would be the nada of that lineage, which is his own nada too.

Unedited Transcript:

A question from Chennai in South India. A lady writes, "We understand we are not supposed to commit suicide. But if suicide is in our destiny, how can we prevent it?"

This destiny idea has nothing to do with Sanatana Dharma. It has to do with the Abrahamic religions, which are Christianity, Judaism, Islam. They deal in fate and destiny.

You have free will. You carve your future by what you do today and what you sow in your past creates your future.

Suicide is absolutely unacceptable, because it is a poor investment in your future karmas because eventually you will come back to the same place that you tried to avoid. It may take quite a few lives. So, it is never in one's destiny to commit suicide.

Destiny is not a part of Sanatana Dharma. Destiny, kismet, fate are all of another religion.

A cyberspace devotee in Michigan, Kanak, wonders about the nada, that high-pitched tone that you hear within your head when your karmas are balanced. He asks, "You advise in 'Merging with Siva' to tune into the nada of the parampara or the line of gurus. And he wonders, how do you know if it is your own nada or the nada of the line of gurus?"

The answer is very simple, Kanak. If you are in touch with a line of gurus, it would be the nada of the line of gurus, which would be your own nada. You would not have a separate one, just for yourself.

And everyone on the planet, as soon as they come into the nada, it means that they are connected to one of the lines of gurus of one of the religions of the world. They might not know which one, but the connection is there because it is inner.