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Temple Protocol. Mantra Revealed.

A cyberspace devotee from Malaysia wonders which side should the men and women stand in the temple. Gurudeva says that the men should stand on the right and the women on the left and this relates to the ida and pingala forces because the temple itself is like a one body. In today's second question posed to Gurudeva, Gurudeva advices a cyber cadet who inadvertently revealed a sacred mantra to a relative.

Unedited Transcript:

A question about temple protocol, comes from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. A young lady was here at our Kauai Aadheenam temple and found that the men are standing on the right and the ladies on the left, which indicates the ida and the pingala force. Because the temple itself is like a one-body, like a one human body, the psychic body. But, she returned to Malaysia and found that out there, they do just the opposite. The men are on the left and the ladies are on the right. She is wondering why this is.

The answer is: in those temples, they just got it turned all around. They don't know the esoteric, ida and pingala, masculine and feminine force within our physical body and our astral body. So, tell them to contact me and we will send them some literature on it.

A cyberspace devotee has been given a mantram by a great Guru and been told, "Don't tell this mantram to anyone. Keep it to yourself." It was also written on a piece of paper. A while later, a relative found the piece of paper and the mantram and said, "What is this?" and he mentioned the mantram. Now, he is feeling a little bit guilty, wondering, "Should I get a new mantram? Should I confess this? What should I do?"

The answer is: it is traditional to give a mantram and tell the individual, "Don't tell anybody." But, that means, "Don't teach this mantram to anyone. Don't become the teacher of the mantram. It is just for you. Do it yourself."

So, nothing wrong happened. You didn't teach the mantram. It was a natural family happening. Someone found the paper and asked what is this. The person is not practising the mantram. You didn't become an assistant guru or anything like that. So, don't worry about it. Practice your mantram and benefit by the great Guru's Grace. Your life will improve and improve and improve.

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