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Drugs as a spiritual stimulant. Kumbha Mela. Spiritual unfoldment and college.

A cyber cadet wonders if it is ok to take certain kinds of drugs to help with one's spiritual journey. A cyber cadet asks if going to a prestigious college helps raise the kundalini force. Gurudeva says many good religious men and women of different religions have gone to college and come out as atheists and it certainly did not lead to spiritual unfoldment.

Unedited Transcript:

A cyberspace devotee in Colorado wonders about mind-altering drugs or natural substances that in most countries are illegal.

To be a true Saivite, you don't want to depend on any kind of stimulant or drug to bring you close to Siva. Because, you are already close to Siva. Siva is the life of your life, the breath of your breath. All the prana within your body is coming right from Siva.

So we always advise, let illegal drugs remain illegal. Don't break the law. Be on the right side of the law and you are on the right side of your conscience. That helps spiritual unfoldment.

A cyberspace devotee in Chicago wonders about the Kumbha Mela, that is happening in Varanasi, India, where ten million people or more are coming to the Ganges to bathe.

This is a festival that is held every 12 years. It is a chance for everyone to meet the millions of sadhus and holy men and partake of their wisdom. It is a chance for the sadhus and holy men also to give of their wisdom, back to society that has allowed them to become sadhus and holy men. It is a very auspicious festival. It is the world's largest human gathering. Read about it in our next issue of 'Hinduism Today'. We are having satellite pictures taken of this magnificent event.

A cyberspace devotee in Farmington, Michigan asks, "Does going to a prestigious college help in raising the kundalini force?"

Well, this is a very good question and thank you for asking it.

It is a problem with all religions, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism. They send their young men and women to college as good religious Jewish people, good religious Hindu people, good religious Muslims, who come out the other end of it as atheists.

No, learning existentialism and all of these Western philosophies certainly does not lead to spiritual unfoldment. Atheistic philosophies really are a deterrent to the spiritual path.