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Holy Ash. Do we really have free will? Burn the good memories?

A cybercadet in Canada wonders what to do with the excess holy ash accumulated from daily puja. Cybercadet Rolando from Virginia asks if we really have free will.

Unedited Transcript:

A cyberspace devotee in Ontario, Canada does a puja twice a day within their home and accumulates a lot of Holy Ash, and wonders what to do with the excess Holy Ash.

Holy Ash, which we call vibhuti, is put onto the body. Generally what we do with our excess vibhuti is give it to friends and family. Be generous with it. It is the gift of the Gods. So let everyone share in your abundance.

A cyberspace devotee Rolando, who is living in Virginia in the United States, wonders about free will. "Do we really have free will? Or if everything is Siva, perhaps it is Siva's will that is guiding us all of the time and we don't have free will at all."

Well, everything is Siva. Siva is the all pervasive energy, the light within your eyes, the energy within your body. But it is up to you as an evolving soul, to evolve. To do that, you have to make choices, between good and bad, joy and sorrow. Everyday you are making choices. You are the master of your own destiny. Remember that.

A cyberspace devotee named Bill from Brooklyn, New York wonders, "About the Vasana Daha Tantra, that mentions you write down all the bad things and burn them up and release the emotion out of the memory. But what about all the good things?"

Well Bill, to really practice these tantras and get the transformation that they promise, you need a foundation. I've just finished a little book 'How to become a Hindu.' Get it, read it, understand it, make strong commitments in your life. Then, the deeper tantras of Sanatana Dharma will come to life within you.

Also, what we are talking about here are vasanas of the inner mind or memories that are vibrating with emotion. This means something bad that you did or was done to you caused an emotion to vibrate the memory. Even many years afterwards, it is constantly vibrating within you. Likewise, something good happens, develops a happy memory and the emotion is vibrating within the memory pattern. There is no difference between the good or the bad ones.

So, write down all the good memories too. Burn them up too. Let your subconscious mind, which is the past, clear. Then, you have nothing but a bright and wholesome future.