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2001, 75th Jayanthi Talk, Part 2

Gurudeva talks about his recent back injury in terms of Kavadi, penance and also about the mission given to him by his Satguru, the Great Sage Yogaswami of Jaffna. He affirms the divine soul that is not the body. Lord Muruga, the God of War who does not start wars, but ends wars.

Unedited Transcript:

When two vertebra in my spine went in different directions, it caused a great pain. The Ayurvedic doctor, the Medical doctor, the Chiropractic doctor told us that, for a human being, this pain is the worst kind of a pain to have. I took this to mean that I had entered Kavadi, a state of penance.

As we all know, we are not the body, we are not the mind, we are not the emotions. We are the divine soul living on this planet to make the planet a divine planet. The divine in me tells me, "You are not this body, Gurudeva. I am very happy that you are not my body because of this great pain." So, I went through the years of my life, seventy five years. "What did you do, Gurudeva, to acquire such great pain in your karma?"

Well, I have been very much involved with my ashram in Alaveddy and the mission Satguru Yogaswami gave to me. He mentioned, "No pain, no gain." I have been involved in the conflict in Sri Lanka. I have offered my services to the Norwegian Government, talked to the Minister who is now talking to Prabhakaran about a cease fire and harmony in the country in the name of Lord Muruga.

You remember last year and the year before? I explained that Lord Muruga is the God of war, traditionally. That doesn't mean He begins wars. That means He is the God that brings wars to an end, brings conflicts to an end, to a win-win situation where everyone is happy and secure in the future of futures of futures of futures for generations and generations and generations to come.

Now, I have not forgotten the mantram in English to be said mentally, six words from Lord Murugan, that is the solution to many, many problems of the past. Many, many problems won't come up in the future, if this mantram is used.

First, I would like to commend the Tamilian community in Mauritius for holding a conference for Lord Muruga, so that the peoples of the world will better understand this great God.

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