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Difficulty in meditating, God and Goddesses

A cyberspace devotee has a great difficulty in meditating and wonders what she can do about it. Gurudeva says that Hinduism gives all the basics that lay the foundation for meditation. Therefore meditation really works well if a good philosophical understanding is deep within the subconscious mind. Another cybercadet asks if God and Goddesses are twin souls. Gurudeva explains that only in the external world are there males and females but in the higher inner worlds all the beings are genderless.

Unedited Transcript:

Good morning everyone. There is a question from a cyberspace devotee, who receives panic attacks when starting meditation and also, becomes depressed and has great difficulty meditating. She is wondering what she can do.

In Hinduism, Sanatana Dharma, the philosophy gives a very clear intellectual foundation for meditation - believing in the existence of God everywhere and experiencing that. The law of karma, reincarnation and all the basics lay the foundation for meditation. Therefore, meditation really works well, if a good philosophical foundation is deep within the memory patterns of the subconscious mind. It is not possible with a good philosophical foundation of Sanatana Dharma, the oldest religion in the world, to become depressed. Because, you take the responsibility of everything that happens to you as something that you have created in the past. These basic principles of life are so strong within you that you're relatively happy all the time.

Study 'How to become a Hindu' and Hinduism's Contemporary Catechism, 'Dancing with Siva' and get that firm philosophical foundation. Then, the meditations of 'Merging with Siva' will become very natural and very easy for you.

A cyberspace cadet, R.S. at is wondering about Gods and Goddesses. "Are they twin souls?"

Only in this external world and on the lower astral plane, which is a duplicate of this world, do we have gender - boys and girls, men and women. In the higher inner worlds, all the Beings are genderless. They are both male and female. It is only an intellectual conception or found in story books within Hinduism, that there are separate Gods and separate Goddesses. These great Beings in the inner world live in the Sivaloka. These are the chakras within the head of every individual and, as you know, your head is genderless! {laughs}

RS, you seem to be very much involved in Sanatana Dharma. Read the book 'How to become a Hindu' and take the next step in your dharma.