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You're the Actor on the Stage of Your Life

Today we share more of Gurudeva's upadesha explaining some of the esoterics of the Maha Vasana Daha Tantra, the practice of writing down 10 pages of memories for each year of one's life and burning those pages. Gurudeva talks about the practice of prayaschitta for those karmas that cannot be resolved by writing them down and burning them. He also says that you would want to write down and detach oneself from the happy things that happened, so that you can go on into more happy experiences.

Unedited Transcript:

We've done a lot of research for the Vasana Daha Tantra and we find that this absolutely does not work or have the same effect if you type it on the computer and print it out and burn it up or type it on a type writer. The prana that comes from your hand through the pen, that prana going into the paper as you're feeling these emotions as the memories come up, the paper holds that prana and then you burn it up. So therefore, every time you finish a page you should burn it up immediately before that prana goes away. Don't just stack them up and burn them the next day or something like that. There are many, many people in our congregation worldwide who have gotten a lot of relief, a lot of clarity and then what happens when all the memories are quieted the future is big and and the light of the soul is just there because it's not covered with anything. So if you have a dream, then write down a dream and maybe it will have connections within your mind, your desires and so forth. Then you can keep doing it all through life and at the end of every year you go through the process of the five steps actually.

Now there are certain karmas, that's the sixth step that you cannot resolve by writing down. But you can outline what they are. For instance if you didn't pay your taxes in 1996 to the Government, you can't resolve that by writing it down and burning it up. You resolve that by writing a check with interest and giving it to a government agency and that's where the prayaschitta comes in. Like if somebody shoots birds for sport, you can't write that away, your prayaschitta would be to feed twenty-five pounds of bird food to the bird kingdom or five hundred pounds or something like that to balance it within your own mind because that was a physical thing.

So prayaschitta is in three parts, mental, emotional and physical happenings. So your Vasana Daha Tantra takes care of the first two. Mental happenings, arguments within people, with people, disagreements. Emotional happenings, hurt feelings, sufferings, happiness' all of that. Even the happy things you don't want to drag those along with you. You want to go into the future for more happy things. Not live in the past of those happy days, but have happy days coming up in the future. Many, many have experienced that. So all the happy things you can also write down too and detach the colors, vibrations from the memory, so it's quiet. So you're the actor on the stage of the great play that you wrote, you're the author, camera person, costumer, make-up artist, director and financier.

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