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Head Filled with Light; the Unknown Gods

Two deep questions are answered today. First a web-cadet tells Gurudeva how his head seems to disappear in light. Gurudeva affirms that this is Satchidananda, superconsciousness, and he says that this is a state that everyone should be in at one time or another. Gurudeva adds an important caution as well. Another e-devotee asks about all the other Hindu Gods that we never hear about. Who are they? What do they do? He also asks about animal sacrifice.

Unedited Transcript:

We have a cyberspace question from From a cybercadet who sometimes feels the top of his head is not there and it's filled with expansive light and he's asking "is this superconsciousness?"

Yes, this is known as Satchidananda, a state that everyone on the planet should be in one time or another. Preferably everyday and yes, this is superconsciousness. But there's one great caution. When we have a high superconscious experience, especially if we do not have a strong philosophical foundation, there is a reaction of going that much the other way, into anger, into lust or disruptive areas of the mind. So I would like you to get a new book that's just been released, "How to Become a Hindu" and read it very carefully.

A question from a cyberspace cadet from Province, Connecticut, University Library, wants to know if some of the millions of Deities that aren't worship and aren't popular to Hindus of today, what is their function?

They work behind, what is mystically known as behind the veil. They're not known because they don't want to be known. Their duties are different than those who are popular and known. They are more in the background, facilitating many, many unseen things that make our lives go smoothly. And you ask about animal sacrifice in invoking the Deities, that is a form of worship that has been going on on the planet for hundreds and hundreds of years by people who live below the Muladhara chakra, in the instinctive world of anger, self preservation, jealously and the lower realms of consciousness to appease the asuric forces and even Lord Ganesha said in one of His letters, "that is a realm beyond My reach."

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Mati, cognition, on a higher level is the awakening of the third eye, looking out through the heart chakra, seeing through the maya, the interacting creation, preservation and dissolution of the molecules of matter.