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21 Chakras; 5 Steps; Right and Wrong

An e-devotee asks why we must incarnate into a physical body which has all 21 chakras available in order to attain Self Realization. A second question asks for elaboration on the 5 steps to enlightenment as described in Merging with Siva. And in response to a question about right and wrong, Gurudeva suggests a thorough study of the Hindu philosophy in order to be clear on what, exactly, is considered wrong according to Hinduism.

Unedited Transcript:

A cyberspace devotee in Mt. SHasta,California, wonders why we need all 21 chakras functioning to Realize the Self?

The chakras among other things are like repositories of memory and emotion. So as we progress on the spiritual path we have to detach the memory from the emotion and get the proper perspective of life. Without the 21 chakras, we're incomplete and not ready yet for the journey. If some of the chakras were not functioning, such as, they do not when we are in our astral body functioning without a physical body, the karmas locked into the memory patterns and emotion cannot be tapped or dealt with therefore they hold us back.

A cyberspace devotee in Wants to elaborate on the 5 steps to enlightenment , it's one of the Nandinatha Sutras.

These 5 steps to enlightenment do relate to the various yogas, of karma yoga, bhakti yoga and we elaborate a great deal in Hinduism's Contemporary Metaphysics, "Merging with Siva." The 365 daily lessons in "Merging with Siva" can come right to your computer through e-mail and you will get a clear foundation of the functioning of your soul, your mind and your bodies.

A cyberspace devotee, Anuradha, asks what do you do when the past catches up with you, how do you know if you're right?

A good philosophical foundation of Sanatana Dharma distinguishes from the Hindu perspective, right and wrong. The other religions of the world often make many, many things wrong that Hindus don't' think are wrong at all. So we would suggest that you really study Hinduism in depth and educate the subconscious mind as to what is right and what is wrong and then you can make positive decisions. Begin you search with the Yamas and Niyamas.

Photo of  Gurudeva
When we restrain our tendencies to deceive, to lie and break promises, our external life is uncomplicated, as is our subconscious mind. Honesty is the foundation of truth. It is ecologically, psychologically purifying.