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A Way to Realize Siva

A cyber cadet in Penang, Malaysia, asks Gurudeva if it is possible to realize Siva in this Kali Yuga with so many ways to fall off the path. Gurudeva recommends meditating on the the energy that flows through the body and trying to find the source of that energy. Gurudeva stresses that, like anything we want to accomplish, it takes great effort and consistency.

Unedited Transcript:

A cyberspace question from Penang, Malaysia, "Wanting to know how to Realize Siva in this life, during this time in the Kali Yuga when there are so many temptations and ways of falling off the path? Wants a little help.

Not being immediately familiar with your karmic pattern in this life, the best way to Realize Siva is to realize that the source of the energy in your body comes from Siva. The source of the light that lights up your thoughts comes right from Siva. Siva's within you all of the time. Simply meditate on the energy that flows through your body and try to find the source of that energy. If you can do that simple exercise and still maintain what you're doing in daily life, it will be remarkable. Like anything in this world, it takes great effort, a lot of will power and you can't let up on yourself.

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