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Wearing Rudraksha

Bob the cyber-devotee asks if it is alright for him to wear rudraksha, the uniquely beautiful seed which is sacred to Siva. Gurudeva says it is fine to wear rudraksha, even for children. He also tells a little of the recent findings in our own rudraksha forest of some rare varieties of the seeds.

Unedited Transcript:

A cyberspace question from Bob at "Is it all right to wear rudraksha. A one-faced one for householder and how about children and where can you get rudraksha online?"

Rudraksha is a seed from a very tall tree which is sacred to Lord Shiva and yes, it's fine to wear rudraksha all of the time. It's also beneficial for children as well and on the internet there are many, many, many places where you can shop for rudraksha. Simply type in Hindu or type in rudraksha and see what you come up with. In our rudraksha forest here on the beautiful garden island of Kauai, our pilgrims have been finding eight-faces, sixteen-faces, two-faces, six, all kinds.

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