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The Kauai Kadavul Temple

When Chennai artist A. Manivelu was visiting Kauai Aadheenam, he was impressed with the disciplines of worship and sadhana at the monastery's Kadavul Temple. He asked Gurudeva to tell the world (via TAKA) about the functioning of the temple. Here, Gurudeva tells of the disciplines of 24-hour adoration, pujas performed every three hours, writing prayers to the devas and more. Listen in, and tune in to the temple.

Unedited Transcript:

Here we have in Kadavul Temple today the world famous artist Manivelu from Chennai, Tamil Nadu who is wanting me to explain why and how we are conducting our puja, 24 hours a day so that those who hear will receive the punyam 24 hours a day from the Kadavul Temple. A temple when it is founded as this temple was, has it's own personality. It has it own likes and dislikes and wants and desires just like a person. Because the temple is a palace, the home of the Gods and many, many devas in the inner world they put their power through the chakram of the temple. So their instruction was for the Mathavasi here, the Swamis, Yogis, Sadhakas to perform 24 hour adoration of Lord Siva Nataraja, the Dancing God. So for 20-30 years puja has been performed every three hours and a Mathavasi under vows has been meditating in the temple 24 hours a day. They take 3 hour shifts.

This is a magical temple, a life changing temple in which prayers can be put into the homa fire and received and read in the Devaloka by the helpers of the Gods and answered. This temple is the center of the Aadheenam, this ashram and all of the activities revolve around the temple as in ancient times. No one receives any gifts or anything personal. Everything that is received goes to the Feet of the Gods within the Kadavul Temple. Many temples in the world, I suppose because it's to expensive to have Priests working 24 hours a day as in ancient times, put their Gods to bed and treat them like humans. But the Gods and the devas they don't sleep, they don't know what sleep is. So the Kadavul Hindu Temple on the beautiful Garden Island of Kauai is as close to the Antarloka, the Devaloka and the Sivaloka as anyone would want to get.