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Suffering, Disease, Unhappiness...Oh my!

An e-devotee in Selangor, Malaysia asks why there is so much suffering in the world, why people are so different from each other and if it is OK to fulfill one's worldly desires. Gurudeva stresses that a solid understanding of karma is often missed, even among Hindus. But once a clear philosophical foundation has been acquired, it must be put into action in one's own life.

Unedited Transcript:

An e-mail question from a cyberspace cadet in Selangor Malaysia wondering why children have to suffer so much, why there's disease in the world, why some are happy, why others are unhappy and a big question, can we fulfill our materialist desires and still find God?

Many Hindus who have been sent to Catholic and Christian schools miss one important philosophical point and that is the law of karma. Even in understanding karma they still ask the question "why did God create one person in one way and why did God create another person in another way and why is there so much suffering in the world for some people and so much happiness for others?" We need to have a clear philosophical foundation of the knowledge of karma, dharma and the existence of God in, through and within everything. Once that has been acquired one must put it into action within ones own life. God Siva only created the action of energy, what we throw out from ourselves comes back to us. The God, Gods don't punish people, nor do they create one person different from another. People do that all by themselves through their thoughts, words and deeds in one life or another. If you live in the world and are not living in a monastery such as we have here where you are cared for, you have to fulfill your worldly desires or else you cannot exist in the world happily, successfully and you'll be a burden on the community, and yes you can Realize God as Satchidananda, the all pervasive energy that flows out from within you this very moment. The same energy that flows through the entire Universe.

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