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Experiencing Inner Calm

An e-devotee in Luxemburg writes to Gurudeva asking about his experiences of profound inner peace that he finds while meditating. Gurudeva explains that he is experiencing Sat-chit-ananda, the natural state of the mind, and that the energies have been raised above the instinctive and intellectual spheres into the heart chakra and beyond.

Unedited Transcript:

A question from Luxembourg, a little country in Europe. Devotee wanting to know about the calmness that's being experienced within himself.

This calmness that you're experiencing as a result of your meditation is called sat-chit-ananda, the natural state of the mind. To arrive at that state, the instinctive energies have been lifted to the heart chakra and beyond and the mind has become absolutely quiet. This is because you're not using your memory faculty, you're not using your reason faculty, you're not trying to move the forces of the world with your willpower faculty. You're simply resting within yourself. So therefore, if you're ever bothered by the external part of you, simply return to this inner, peaceful state as often as you can. You might call it to yourself, "home base". And from here you can have a clear perception of how you should behave in the external world, a clear perception of your future and a clear perception of the path ahead. This is a superconscious state, meaning "beyond normal consciousness". So simply deepen this inner state by being aware that you are aware. And looking forward to seeing you in Europe.

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