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Deciding to Seek God

A cyber-devotee named Devi in Brussels asks Gurudeva about her ponderings over dedicating her life to seeking God. Gurudeva thinks it's a God idea.

Unedited Transcript:

Good Morning, everyone! We want to welcome our guests today. We are really happy that you are here.

Today, we are answering questions that have come in through cyberspace email, for our cyberspace congregation.

Saiva Siddhanta Church has many congregations. It has a very small congregation of families here on Kauai, much larger congregation in Singapore and Malaysia, India and Mauritius, mainland America and Canada, a congregation who is our readership of 'Hinduism Today' and a worldwide congregation of those who have tuned in daily to our cyberspace internet site, as well as a congregation who is reading the books. So, we keep pretty busy here!

What are the questions today?

A question from Brussels cybercadet Devi, whose heart has been telling Devi that she should seek God. Should she? That is the big question on her mind.

Well Devi, (now that your heart is talking to you,) that is more than most people's hearts do - talk. Now that your heart is talking to you, and you are listening, yes, I think that you should. Live a very religious life and you can do so wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Just be a nice person. Don't become angry. Treat everyone the same.( And,) Your inner monastery is within yourself. It does not have to be a particular place.

The yogic way of seeking God inside of you is to feel the energy in your body and know that energy is coming right from the central Source of all energy, which people call God. The Light that lights up your thoughts, Devi, also comes from the same central Source of energy, which people call God.

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Of course if you love Siva, obviously you have to love everyone else. Love brings forgiveness. Love brings understanding. Love brings feeling.