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Praying to Pictures

An e-devotee from Memphis asks about the efficacy of praying to a picture of a Guru who has passed on into the inner worlds, specifically, Sage Yogaswami. Does the deceased guru hear the prayer? Gurudeva explains that it depends upon the guru and where exactly they go after leaving their physical body. In Yogaswami's case, Gurudeva tells, the answer is definitely "Yes."

Unedited Transcript:

From Memphis, Tennessee, through cyberspace, we received a beautiful question, goes like this: "Please explain if you look at a picture such as the Sat Guru Yogaswami of Sri Lanka, does he respond when you pray to the picture?"

Many great souls pass on into Moksha and they do not respond to worhipping their pictures. They are beyond the beyond, the beyond the beyond. But Satguru Yogaswami is very close to the earth. He is very attentive to his over 2 million devotees, who are now living in many countries of the world. And he has immediate response to your looking at the picture of his physical body which once was. And he looks just about the same now. And now he's in his soul body of quantums of beautiful florescent light and he sheds his blessings on each and everyone who comes near to him. Mentally speak very slowly to him and tell him all of your problems and he will create a wonderful future for you. And wipe away the problems in your mind.

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