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How To Send Prayers to the Devas

Gurudeva has anticipated some questions about sending prayers to the devas and he explains clearly how to do it and what to do afterwardsif your prayer was answered; or if it was not. It's the talk you've been praying for.

Unedited Transcript:

A logical question may come up - "How do you send prayers to this magical Kadavul Hindu Temple and how much does it cost?"

The answer is - The prayer must be written very clearly, typed or printed, if possible. It can be faxed. It can be sent on email. It can be sent in a letter. If it is in a letter, and you write your prayer to the devas or prayers to the Gods, we won't open the letter. So, don't put anything else in it, that you want us to see. We will put the sealed letter into the fire and there is no charge. It is for free.

Now, if the prayer is answered to your satisfaction, it is traditional to send a gift to the temple, to keep the temple going. If it is not answered to your satisfaction, it is traditional not to send anything to the temple, but to send another prayer, maybe, more clearly written, with more detail.

The Kadavul Hindu Temple is just celebrating its 27th anniversary. It is connected to many of the major temples of India. In fact, at Chidambaram, the priests there call it Chidambaram West.

Ask the question, "Do you have to be a Hindu to send prayers to the Kadavul Hindu Temple?" The answer is - You can just be yourself, whoever you are and give it a try, see if it works. Also, if the prayer is answered, it is only polite to send a message to the devonic forces, to the devas and the Gods, telling what your prayer was and how it was answered, and show appreciation and thank-you.

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