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Using the Subsuperconscious Mind

Gurudeva gives a cogent explanation of the subsuperconscious mind, gives examples of how you may already be using it, and tells about learning to use it consciously. This is a good one to listen to over and over.

Unedited Transcript:

That's a very good question. The question is, "How would one use the subsuperconscious mind during the day, and make it a workhorse for the individual?"

The answer is - What is the subsuperconscious mind? It is the subconscious memory pattern of the mind, stimulated by intuition. The subsuperconscious mind is a container, which contains knowledge, for a short period of time, until the intuition of superconsciousness reveals that knowledge to your external mind. It gives you the answers, for what you need.

For instance, you are having a problem with your computer. Analyze the problem the very best you can. Place all the facts in your subconscious mind, one after the other. Then, distract yourself. Go for a walk or do something else. All of a sudden, an hour later, half an hour later, the answer will be revealed to you, so clearly from your superconscious mind working through the subconscious mind. Almost everyone has had this experience at one time or another. It happens automatically. However, once you identify the mechanism of the mind, you can use this state of mind, daily. What we call the subsuperconscious mind is a wonderful tool for a better life.

Any more questions?

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