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Color Meditation for Beginners

Someone asks if Gurudeva can help a beginning meditator, and Gurudeva responds by presenting a simple color meditation, which allows for the natural tendency of the mind to wander, but sets definite limits. Listen carefully, then try it yourself.

Unedited Transcript:

Another question from a beginning meditator, who just started meditation but doesn't seem to be progressing according to the speed that he or she might like to progress. "Any help for beginners, Gurudeva?"

You find all kinds of different thoughts going through your mind, all kinds of pictures as soon as you close your eyes and breathe and try to become quiet. Don't you?

An easy form of meditation, done with eyes open, is to put in front of you four or five colored pieces of paper. The three primary colors and three secondary colors - red, blue, yellow, purple, green, and orange. From among the six colors, choose your favorite color and put that up a little higher than all the others. That's home base. This meditation is performed with the eyes half-open, looking at the six colors. The home base is your most favorite color. Let your mind wander as much as possible from color to another. In the inner world, every color has a sound and every sound has a color. So, as your mind or your awareness moves from one color to another, in its natural wandering, it is creating a symphony within you.

Try this for 31 days and when you have completed this sadhana, let us know and we will give you the next one to perform.

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