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Who Answers our Prayers?

Gurudeva gives an interesting answer to a question about prayer. He begins by stating that there are many prayers that you can answer yourself. You do not have to depend upon anyone else. But there are some things that we cannot do so easily, so we need help.

Unedited Transcript:

A question from a cyberspace devotee - "Who answers our prayers? Is it the Self within or is it a deity?"

First of all, there are many prayers you can answer yourself. You don't have to depend on anyone but, yourself. Not the Gods, not the devas, but just you. Put forth a little effort, answer your own prayers.

There are some things, however, that we cannot do so easily by ourselves and we need help. In the inner world, there are many, many helpers. All the Gods have thousands, tens of thousands of deva people - devas are angels - to help the devotees, give them direction, and answer their prayers.

This magical Kadavul Hindu Temple, on the garden island of Kauai, has a connection between the three worlds. Daily prayers are offered to the Gods and the devas, through the sacred fire here. They come in on fax, they come in on email and devotees write their prayers and leave them in a basket. Through Sanskrit chanting and mantrams, they are offered to the Gods and the prayers are answered.

Photo of  Gurudeva
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