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Hinduism Today in Tamil

A cyber-devotee asks if there is some way to bring out an edition of Hinduism Today magazine in the Tamil language for the benefit of the large number of Hindus in India who "need to learn their religion." Gurudeva's explains that we look for proper leadership, and he gives the example of the Hindus in the Netherlands who have brought out a beautiful Dutch edition on their own inspiration and efforts.

Unedited Transcript:

The cyberspace devotee asks the question, "Many, many people in India do not understand the religion. Can we bring out a 'Hinduism Today' edition, in the Tamil language? Even if it is a small one, it would help."

'Hinduism Today' is a public service of our Swami order. It is in English and it is in India. Many people in the Tamil-speaking nations speak excellent English and they don't even avail themselves of 'Hinduism Today', in English.

'Hinduism Today' magazine is a high-level publication for leadership and those that are interested in the Hindu Renaissance. Not for those interested in sending their children to Catholic and Protestant schools and have an ambivalent attitude toward life and religion.

In Holland, for instance, we received a year ago, a request to print 'Hinduism Today' in the Dutch language. The first edition came out last month and it is absolutely beautiful. They take an interest in themselves and society and want to better their society by their own efforts. That is what we look for - leadership.

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