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Chakra Rotation

Gurudeva answers an intriguing metaphysical question about the rotation of the chakras. The question sparked an inspired response from Gurudeva about the reckless practice of spiritual disciplines, the taking of drugs and the effects of these in terms of the chakras. Be sure to listen in, at least once!

Unedited Transcript:

The question is "Should some of the chakras be going counter-clockwise while other chakras are going clockwise?"

Answer - The seven chakras above the Muladhara go clockwise. If you were to look down on the chakras, (you would see them and this is) from within yourself, you would see them spinning clockwise. But, the ones below the Muladhara from the top of the legs to the feet go counter-clockwise.

People who practice mantrams before the time that they should practice mantrams, diaphragmatic breathing and also various forms of pranayama before it is time for them to do that, tear themselves apart because they are going into the chakra spinning clockwise and then in daily life into the chakras spinning counter-clockwise. Those who take drugs lift consciousness a little bit into chakras that spin clockwise and then fall into the chakras that spin counter-clockwise, have great mood-swings.

For the chakras that spin clockwise, the character traits are - wonderful memory, reasoning, will-power, cognition, the ability to look into and see through. Intuition, superconsciousness, peace, bliss comes from the higher chakras. From the chakras of the lower nature that spin counterclockwise come fear, anger, jealousy, selfishness.

Before intense meditation, before intense puja, before intense pranayama, before intense japa, the lower chakras of anger, (and) fear, (and) jealousy, (and) selfishness and self-centeredness must be closed off. If the foundation is built on shifting sands, the building would surely, eventually fall down.

Thank you very much. Thank you, everybody in cyberspace.

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