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Sivaratri 2000 Part 5 - Conclusion

Gurudeva concludes his Sivaratri upadesha by expounding upon the "only real security," the depth of Siva consciousness, never changing, always there. And Gurudeva gives an amusing analogy of devotees on the path to fish caught on a hook, with Siva as the fisherman.

Unedited Transcript:

Many people ask, "Where am I on the spiritual path? Have I advanced?"

Answer: From this moment on, look back a year at your state of consciousness, at your experiential patterns, how you were feeling and how you were thinking and see how different you are today. We can sit in a beautiful garden and look at the bud of a flower and sit there all day observing it. At the end of the day, it was open and beautiful. But, all through the day, you would not see any movement. That is how slow and how steady that a soul, with the right, inner perspective of himself unfolds on the spiritual path.

The more deeply we go into Siva consciousness, there are no words to explain. As we go deeply into Siva consciousness, we become absolutely silent because the depth of Siva never changes. Everyone in the world is looking for that which is permanent, looking for security. The only real security is the depth of Siva consciousness. It never changes, always there. In true Siva consciousness, you can be absolutely quiet and see your mind racing around, your body racing around, your emotions racing around. But you, the real you, is still. And, that Raja Yoga comes quite naturally when Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion, and Karma Yoga, the yoga of service, have been properly performed.

(And)Once Siva's devotees realize just a little bit of Siva, they begin to unwind their karmas rather quickly and they are caught like a fish bites the hook, and is caught. (And)Siva is the fisherman. He reels in the devotee. Now, often the devotee rips his mouth and flips and flops and dives deep in order to break the line, and other devotees relax and come right along with Siva. It is that easy.

All of you Siva devotees have realized more than you have realized that you have realized. Only when you compare your realizations to others do you really know that you have realized more than they have. *Laughs*

Photo of  Gurudeva
When your subconscious has been cleared of past reactionary patterns and reprogrammed thoroughly, you do not take exception to things that happen in the world.