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Hindu Gods and Vishva Guru

Gurudeva answers two questions today "Why are Hindu Gods portrayed with so many arms?" and "Can marriage work out the second time around?"

Unedited Transcript:

The question from our cyberspace cadet, "Why do Hindu gods have so many arms? Do they also have that many arms on the astral plane?"

Well, our cyberspace cadet also has many arms(, too). You have physical arms, and you have two astral arms, as well. (And )Then, there are arms on your soul body. That makes six in all. You are not using the physical arms, when you are in the astral world, during sleep at night. (And)Your soul-body is independent of your astral body and physical body, but lives in it and works through it. So, congratulations, on having many, many arms, just like the gods are depicted by the artists.

Well, the question is from our cyberspace cadet, "If a marriage fails and another marriage takes place after that, the second marriage is successful, because of the lessons learned from the first marriage that failed."

It is very true that people learn by mistakes. But, that is not the proper way to learn. (But,)That is not the proper way to learn. We say, in Hinduism, that the world is the guru - Sri Sri Sri Visva Guru Maha Maharaj. (And,)He teaches through the school of hard knocks, difficult lessons that have to be taught many, many times before the person really learns. Every one has a guru. Some people have a guru in a physical form and they listen and listen carefully. (And,)[For] others the world is the guru - Visva Guru. Visva means world, guru means teacher. The world is the teacher.

(And,)Therefore, in answer to the question - Yes, we learn by the school of hard knocks and yes, we can be successful the second trip around.