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The Saiva Nayanars, Love of Siva (with Tamil translation)

Today Gurudeva answers a question about the Tamil Saints of South India. How can we say they did "bad things" if we believe there is "no good, no bad?" Gurudeva also clarifies the type of love that it takes for one to become a Nayanar.

Unedited Transcript:

Well, do we have another cyberspace question? Anybody can think of a cyberspace question for our congregation out there.

Alright ... One of our cyberspace cadets asked about the saints of South India. Some of them who did everything wrong. (and)Of course, we know there is no good, no bad. But, hurting other people, that is not so good and some of these things did hurt other people. According to their stories, maybe the stories are fictitious - to make a point, that if we love Siva, we can be exonerated from that which was seemingly wrong. So cyberspace cadet, before you ask, "What does love of Siva mean?", I am going to answer that question!

To say "Siva, I love you" or to anyone else "I love you" - those are just empty words, unless you are tuning in to the vibration or the prana of Siva or the other person.

There is a great energy that permeates the entire Universe. There is a great energy which permeates your soul body, your astral body and your physical body and everyone else's also. (And)When we are in tune with that energy, the all-pervasive energy, that is within your body, the soul body and astral body, that permeates the physical body and permeates the whole Universe, then we love Siva and also everyone else in the world. You cannot love God and not love everyone equally.

If someone hates 3 or 4 people, but loves other 3 or 4 people, and says "I love you, I love you", those are empty words because the love of God is loving everyone equally. Many of these South Indian saints sing beautiful songs of love of Siva, that are sung today with great enthusiasm. (and)Their message rings clear today as it did thousands of years ago.|

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