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Why all the Y2K Commotion? (with Tamil translation)

Gurudeva responds to an e-devotee's question about the recent millenium event, when the Western calendars turned to the year 2000. Why was such a big fuss made, when seemingly nothing happened? But, as Gurudeva explains, perhaps a great deal occured. Gurudeva stresses that if you want to help someone else, you must be helping yourself first through some form of regular daily practice--sadhana. He then briefly defines the nature of sadhana.perspective of the astral body of the child and what he or she might be experiencing. Gurudeva also relates this to the similar observances at the time of the death of a loved one.

Unedited Transcript:

A question came in about the Millennium, the Y2K scare. (and)"What was it all about anyway? Nothing seems to have happened."

Well, at this time on the planet, everyone is expecting the worst. (And,)To have a scare gets everyone's adrenalin working really fast. (And)Then, the big day came and what a relief ... nothing much happened!

Let us count the benefits of this very expensive party. Money was distributed worldwide. People got their hopes up, for their saviour to come. (And,)As we know, the spirits of God and the Gods, and the great sages and prophets would catch that Spirit and we are sure that people of all religions had a spiritual experience in their own way. As far as we know, no one of any religon in the world was disappointed. Their consciousness was lifted and now we are off to a new start as a total group of human beings on the planet, all working towards the same goal - peace, prosperity, happiness for everyone.

The ancient Hindu calendar, of course, is very different. We are celebrating 5000 years and more. But, even the Hindus benefited in the Y2K extravaganza. Perhaps all of this has brought humanity closer together. Closeness is everyone thinking the same thing, everyone feeling the same thing, everyone talking about the same thing and everyone trying to understand each other. (And)At this time on the planet, this closeness is drawing our energies together. It is really what is needed and I think, possibly the new Millennium created some of that for us.

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Be free from the past; abide in the present; detach yourself from the future; and live in the eternal now. Evil has no source, unless the source of evil's seeming be ignorance itself.