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Sadhana and Healing, (with Tamil)

Gurudeva responds to a request to speak about the practice of sadhana in relation to healing. Gurudeva stresses that if you want to help someone else, you must be helping yourself first through some form of regular daily practice--sadhana. He then briefly defines the nature of sadhana.perspective of the astral body of the child and what he or she might be experiencing. Gurudeva also relates this to the similar observances at the time of the death of a loved one. Tamil Translation

Unedited Transcript:

Another one came today : Gurudeva, speak to us on Sadhana and Healing.

Many people today are trying to heal other people. Healing is a very important business that is coming up - magentic healing, healing through food, healing through thought, healing through colour, healing through medicines - assuming that everybody is ill! {laughs}

Anyone who is going to help anyone else, they must be able to help themselves first. They must be disciplined people, performing regular, daily sadhana. If a mother is going to help her family come up strong, she must have meals on time. The house must be run properly. If the father is going to raise his family properly, he must bring in an income, have good relations with community. But if you are going to help someone spiritually, uplift them, then you must be able to uplift yourself.

The Hindu way of uplifting oneself is through daily sadhana, performing certain pranayama (breathing exercises), performing certain pujas, ritual worship. Just as good health is produced by eating meals at the same time everyday and not snacking in between meals, so good spiritual practice is at the same time everyday, day after day after day.

One good test for spiritual healing or magnetic healing is that - be sure it works on you first, before you try it on someone else. So we can see that discipline through sadhana - regular, consistent, religious practice - that does not consume the mind in the external world but consumes the mind in the internal world is essential, very essential.

Thank you for that very nice question!

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