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Where do we Let Off Steam? Part 1, Tamil Translation

Gurudeva responds to another question, this one came up after Gurudeva explained the principle of running the home like a business. If we can't let off steam at work, and our home is like a business, then where can we let off steam? Are you steamed? Then listen in....Tamil Translation

Unedited Transcript:

The question came up in our cyberspace congregation, in response to my talking about being a professional husband, professional wife, professional son, professional daughter within the home. Just as professional as in the corporate offices. The question is "Where do we let off steam? Mom works, Dad works, kids are in school. Everyone comes home, everyone lets off a little steam, and everyone understands."

The answer is - Don't let off steam in the home. The home is a sanctuary of the entire family. It should have a higher protocol, than the office, the factory or the corporate workplace. When we start being natural at home and letting off steam, we say things that perhaps, we shouldn't. We think that the family understands, but it doesn't. Feelings get hurt. Most importantly we break up the vibration of the home.

It's true, young people let off steam in the school, thus inhibiting their own education. They behave in a way that they would not in a corporate office, in the class room. Who is hurt, but themselves? It's really amazing how people really shape up their behavior when they sign a contract. When they have a job in a corporate office, they read the manual, they obey it, they are nice to everyone. This is the way it should be within the home. The home should be at a higher standard than the corporate office.

The wonderful thing about Hinduism in answering this question -"Where do we let off steam, if we cant do it at home ?" - We let off steam, we let our emotions pour out, within the Hindu temple. The Hindu temple is the place where we can relate to the Gods and the Goddesses, and express ourselves within ourselves. It is just between ourselves and the deity. In a Hindu temple, there will be a lady crying in a corner, a young couple laughing among themselves with their children, and someone else arguing with the Gods. The Hindu temple allows the individual to let off steam but it also is a controlled situation, controlled by the pujas, the ceremony, the priesthood.

So as to not make more karma in this life of saying things we don't mean, having inflections in our voice that are hurtful to others, we must control the home, control ourselves in the workplace, have the home at a higher vibration of culture and protocol than the workplace and include the temple in our lives, as a place to release our emotions and gain our composure.

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What is the binding force that keeps youths in the home? Love. If you love your children completely, they won't want to leave. You won't be able to force them out of the house, even if you try. You are bound together by bands of steel made of love.