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Is the Divorce of a marriage like the bankruptcy of a business? Part 2

Today Gurudeva concludes his answer to the question"Is the Divorce of a Marriage like the Bankruptcy of a Business?" He explains that in both cases, everyone is the loser. Tamil Translation

Unedited Transcript:

So an answer to the question from a cyber space devotee, a very nice question - "Is a divorce similar or the same as going out of business or bankruptcy?"

The answer is - Yes, it is, because in both cases - the divorce or bankruptcy - everyone is the loser. The employees are losers, the children are losers, the suppliers are losers, everyone is a loser, and everyone takes sides.

In case of a marriage, the friends of a husband take his side, the friends of a wife take her side, and there is a division. Sometimes the courts take the side of the children, and the children are divided. In the case of the business, the employers take sides, the partnership breaks up and they take sides, and their friends take sides. It is the breakdown of the community, it is the breakdown of society, but it is the creation of a lot of very bad karma that has to be worked out in this or probably, in a future life.

There's great loss in the case of a marriage that breaks up or a business that breaks up and the loss is - trust in the individuals concerned. They lose their ability to trust each other, to trust themselves and of course, no one trusts them.

Within the great Sanatana Dharma we have the astrological compatibility between a man and a woman, the ability to understand the children, between business partners and employees. If that is employed and dharma is obeyed, success is assured.

Well, thank you for your very nice questions. Cyberspace devotees, do ask more questions. It is good to speak to the needs of the moment.

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