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Is The Divorce of a marriage like the bankruptcy of a business? Part 1

Another e-devotee's question is answered today"In the analogy of marriage as a business, would it be correct to say Divorce is when the family goes Bankrupt?" Gurudeva responds in detail, including a discussion of the karma created by divorce. He says, "In Hinduism, the marriage IS THE Marriage. Tamil Translation

Unedited Transcript:

Another question on an entirely different subject. "Are there similarities between bankruptcy, going out of business or a divorce?"

In Hinduism, there is no divorce. The first marriage is the marriage. Even if the partners split up, live separately, get divorced, they are still psychically tied together. Divorce has become quite normal among Hindu people. But, the making of new karma is not new to Hindu people. Divorce is a wonderful way to make a lot of really bad karma to be faced at another time.

Marriage is a business. It has all the increments of a business - money, budgets, food, clothing, purchasing, acquiring, disseminating, entertaining. It is a very small business and it should be looked at like that. Working in an office, in a hospital, in a factory, owning a hospital, owning a business, owning a factory - has all the increments of a marriage. One has to be pleasant, handle money, purchase, sell, acquire, entertain.

A strong home with all the increments of a business working properly, will keep a business in the world working properly, year after year after year. If a home is handled unprofessionally with arguments and misunderstandings, it will create a failure within the business, automatically. Because inside, the owners of the business are failing to maintain dharma, to maintain proper protocol within their home. The vibration of the home should be and must be a higher vibration than the business, that they might own or work in.

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