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Sacrifice and Renunciation, the First Step to Religion

Gurudeva tells us the next steps to take. The soul of the individual moving forward stems from sacrafice. Souls gather together. Gurudeva tells us about the magic of religion, the inner forces moving humanity foreword. The Gods are coming out of exile.

Unedited Transcript:

So, from small beginnings, the next step is to stabilize what has been created and bring the philosophy into the temple, to bring ayurveda and jyotisha into the temples, to bring highly educated English-speaking swamis into the temples, and to make Hinduism intellectually, spiritually, as well as devotionally strong. I am thinking about the western world, and that'll feed back to India.

So, this all comes from sacrifice. And, sacrifice is the soul of the individual moving forward. You are a soul. Living in an astral body, living in a physical body, having an intellect, moods and emotions, you are a soul. As that soul pushes forward and claims its heritage, religion comes up within the community. As religion comes up within the community, souls gather together regularly, solve their problems, work through their karmas.

We have a small group coming up in Pheonix, Arizona. The Aadheenam here sent a 1,200 pound Ganesha deity to their satsang group. It has pulled the entire Hindu community, of every community in the Pheonix area together, and they're forming a society around it. The leaders of the society are, of course, (are) getting criticized; that comes with it.

I told them, "Now, as soon as you form this society, everybody is going to be very happy and settle down. Then there will be a split in about five months, it's predictable. The north will go and say 'We need a North Indian temple', and the south will go and say 'We need a South Indian temple' and they won't like each other. Then they will count their finances among themselves and find out that they don't have enough money for two temples. So they'll get back together and compromise. And this is Lord Ganesha's grace in working with the community. They'll get back together and compromise so when the split comes, don't worry about it. So, don't be unhappy when the split comes and all the hate comes up within everyone, because that dates back thousands of years. Right back to, probably, the Ramayana time when the book disparaged the southern people. So, don't worry about that. Just stay right with it, and let Lord Ganesha work it out in His Swastika way. You don't know what move he's going to make yet, but it is predictable that, that will happen." My representatives in getting these temples going, don't join the board of directors. They sit with the board of directors representing me. If they joined the board of directors, they could be voted out. So, because they can't be voted out, they're right there permanently. Why will this split happen? It happened in Salt Lake City, in New Zealand, in Anchorage, Alaska, in Seattle. This is what people do.

That is the magic of religion. It's an inner force that moves humanity forward. It's a spiritual force that comes from up, down. It's a force that, you would not be able to describe in words. If you put it into thought, you would not be able to think about it accurately. But, if you just feel that spiritual force which brought you all here today, you are feeling Sanatana Dharma, modern Hinduism, ancient Hinduism. It will never go away. Why? Because, it's like science. Science discovered the existence of gravity. Gravity is not going to go away, karma is not going to go away, reincarnation is not going to go away, the existence of all-pervasive Gods is not going to go away.

All the Gods are coming out of exile now, and beginning to work in and among the people. People are seeing them in visions and having dreams of them, dreaming their presence. Also, some temples are becoming more kindly and nicer to their priests. Progress is being made.

We're happy to sit here on this island, where we're between Asia, North America, and Europe, and watch the progress as it comes up year after year after year. Our public service is Hinduism Today as you all know. We support several orphanages as well, whereas other monastic communities have orphanages that they run personally, schools, and other kinds of public service. So the renunciate, the Sannyasin is one who has done a good job of renunciation. He's figured it all out and transformed himself from one kind of a person to a different kind of a person, and is tireless in his ability to serve.

I'm going to send the swamis and the mathavasis on their way now, and then we're going to have a short abhishekam of the kumbha on the Siva Lingam.

Aum Namasivaya, Aum Namasivaya, Aum Namasivaya,

Aum. Aum Namasivaya, Aum Namasivaya, Aum Namasivaya, Aum.