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Stop War in the Home, Muruga Watches, Skanda Shasti

Lord Muruga is watching closely worldwide. He sees children beaten down so they have no self will, no identity. Inspired by Lord Muruga, Gurudeva tells us how husbands should be responsible, treating wives properly, and that we all must protect all the children of the world.

Unedited Transcript:

Lord Muruga, is watching very closely through the temples that have been established for Him, in the United States and all around the world. He's watching, very carefully, the condition within the home. Giving a talk like this in Singapore, a talk like this in Malaysia, a talk like this in Mauritius, where I had two and a half hours, prime time on television. I explained.

These countries, you know, really mangle their kids. They beat them down until they have no self will, no identity. Everybody wants to copy the West. Baseball cap on backwards, crazy looking pants, mini skirts. Everybody wants to copy the West. Why not copy the psychiatry, the psychology of the West that teaches a positive discipline? A discipline given with love and understanding. A discipline that lifts up the children and gives them the value system, that is needed to face the world as it is today.

Now how do I know all this? Hotmail. The kids are getting into Hotmail. They all have their own account, they all have their own computer and they are writing "Gurudeva! Gurudeva! My father beats me and I'm beaten in school and if I tell anybody I'm beaten in school my mother will beat me. At least three to five times a week, a knock on the head, a pinch, a cane across the back or the legs."

So knowing that, what do we do? Call one of our attorneys, call one of our missionary families and say, "Call the police, have them watch this family very closely, to protect this child." We had one child put in a foster home and the father put in jail. He took the discipline a little too far. The child had burns all over his body, plus scars from beatings. How do we know? Pictures were taken and sent to us. So, the kids have no option but to leave home in their mind, leave home with their bodies eventually and mix with friends who have similar mental, emotional ailments of loss and self identity.

Now, is this the Hinduism of tomorrow? Hope not. But this is the Hinduism of today. It can be corrected by all of you going forth, as representatives of Lord Murugan to bring peace within every family and every home. If you know about the crime of a beating of a child or a wife, you are party to that crime unless you do something to protect that wife or to protect that child. Similarly, if you are driving with a friend in the car and he says "Stop at this service station. I'm going into the convenience store." You stop and he goes into the convenience store, pulls out a gun, robs that store and jumps back into the car, you are an accomplice to the crime, whether you know it or not. You're an accomplice to the crime. All of a sudden, you become a criminal, unless you do something about it. That is taking on spiritual responsibility.

Inspired by Lord Muruga years ago, I came to the conclusion, in reading marriage vows and walking around the homa fire, that if anything goes wrong in the marriage, it is the husbands fault, totally, because he brings the wife into his home. To love her, to protect her, to keep her happy. Some women are more difficult to keep happy than others. That is their karma for this life. He's not to blame her, criticize her, not to argue with her. Gold bangles on her arms until they are so heavy that she can't lift them. Golden earrings so long that her ears hurt. That's how she must be treated and if he doesn't take on that responsibility of his home and he doesn't take on the responsibility of his wife, he is at fault - bad karma for him.

Now in Asia, women are treated like nothing, not treated well at all. The Vedas say differently, that women should be regarded as Goddesses. Women should be treated properly for a proper home to run properly. If he takes on the responsibility of his home and she's made happy, kept happy, then her happiness, her shakti, her power and her energy will make him a rich and successful man. He'll never look at another woman because he won't find one that is as nice, as kind, as powerful as his own wife. But he must take on that responsibility in his home and together they bring children into their home. To raise in love, to raise in conversation.

In some Asian countries, if the child asks a question, they're answered with a slap across the face. How brutal can people be? These are mean people, mean people. In India, just recently, we're following up with an Attorney there, to see if something was done-- a teacher pulled the ear off a child in school. It was in the newspapers. We're following this up to see if something can be done, working with an attorney, two attorneys in New Delhi, sending them books on positive discipline techniques. They are working with Judges in the Supreme Court, to cancel the law of corporal punishment in the homes and in the schools in New Delhi and declare it unconstitutional, according to the Constitution of India. This matter has gotten out of hand so, so much and suicide rate is so high and the loses are so great that people are waking up. and that is the New Age. Lord Muruga is on this wake-up team with all of His many millions of devas.