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Friend or Acquaintance?

Gurudeva gives us a Sadhana to perform whereby we may discern who are our friends and who are our acquaintances. Gurudeva explains the line that we should not cross with our acquaintances.

Unedited Transcript:

Make a list of everyone. This is an {onkanashum}, this is a sadhana. Make a list of everyone, who you call your friend. Then analyze that list one person after another and say, "Are they a friend or are they an acquaintance? Are they one with me spiritually, religiously? Do we share the same philosophy? Do we share the same food, the same tastes, the same perfumes, the same incense? Do we share the same cultural events, the same social life, the same friends?"

Nowadays, (a friendship is) just sharing a bed(. And that) is called a friendship. That's just a brief encounter with an acquaintance you don't know very well and may never ever know or be acquainted again. It happens to be called that L word. Love. Not that one. It is really The other L word - Lust.

Everyone now, in todays world, is wanting to get back to the roots and straighten out their lives. They are going through all kinds of loops in order to do so. (So,) Start with friends and acquaintances. Have a formal relationship with your acquaintances and have an informal relationship with your friends because you know each other and you trust each other. (and) You have a spiritual love, a social love-sharing, a cultural love, an economic understanding in love and sharing. (and) You can trade energies back and forth, without going to bed, also.

(And) You might find that you don't have any friends. Well, that would be something wonderful to know. So, get out those {Dipavali} cards and Holiday greeting cards and Birthday cards and keep your acquaintances at a slight, polite distance. Invite them into your home and have a sharing of food and don't talk about anything they don't want to hear about. Don't get in on that forbidden territory, don't cross that line into their lives too deeply - you may regret it. (and) You can keep acquaintances going throughout the years.

So we want to, now, take the Kumba to the Iraivan temple foundation. Om Nama Sivaya, everyone. Here we go to Iraivan temple.

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There is another way to show remorse for misdeeds. That is by performing seva, religious service, for persons you have wronged. Give them gifts, cook them food.