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Love (Part 5)

Gurudeva tells us to. Keep the wife and children happy. The family begins to flourish in love. Love says I'm sorry. Love says thank you. Love is also generosity. Whoever you love you are generous to. You give, you give you give. If you give in love it comes back to you double.

Unedited Transcript:

We were talking yesterday about the husband taking full responsibility for the marriage of keeping his wife happy. Full responsibility. Some wives are more difficult to keep happy than others, more challenging than others, more complex than others. Well, that is the karma for this life. You work at it. (and)Her happiness will exude a shakti, a power that will make him respected in the world, confident, able to move the forces of the material plane, able to make changes. But when she is unhappy, she withdraws that shakti, that power. (and)He feels all alone out there and he starts looking for somebody else. Then, he makes a karma in this life that he didn't have to make. (And)Together they bring children into the world and it is their job to make them happy, to raise them up, not push them down. Many families push their children down, verbally, physically. But everyone is saying, "I'm raising the child," not "lowering the child". If you are raising the child, you have to keep the child happy. Give the child the tools that it needs to be successful in life. (So therefore)Don't give the tools all at once, you give them one at a time.

Love says, "I'm sorry." Love says, "Thank you." Love is also generosity because whoever you love, you are generous to. If you have generosity, you give and you give and you give and you give. (And)According to the great law of karma, you can't give anything away that doesn't come back to you. If you give in love, it comes back to you double. (and)Then you don't know what to do with that, so you give that. (and)That comes back double and you don't know what to do with that, so you give that. (and)It comes back double and the whole family begins to flourish. The community begins to flourish.

(And)Out of all the philosophies, (and)out of all the psychological maneuverings and the psychiatrist's analysis, the hope of the world is love. The hope of the world's improvement is love.

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The first faculty of the expression of the inner being of your immortal soul is the great power of observation, to learn through observation, as your individual awareness detaches itself from that which it is aware of.