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Love is a Force

Gurudeva tells us about expressing love, keeping it flowing. Express love through gratitude and kind thoughts. Everything begins with thought. Love is an inner happiness you can cultivate in someone else rather than yourself. Tying to change others can be disastrous but we can be role models, compassionate and forgiving.

Unedited Transcript:

We are going to talk today on love, again.

Love is expressed in many, many ways. (and)It is a force, a vibration that you have to work at and you have to keep it going. We have to keep it moving. Everyone has human emotions, instinctive emotions. Love controls those emotions.

Love is appreciation and can be expressed through gratitude, kind words, kind thoughts. Because, unkind thoughts create unkind words, which create unkind actions. (and)Everything begins with a thought.

Love is an inner happiness which you want to cultivate in someone else. (and)If you begin to work at cultivating an inner happiness in someone else, you have it yourself. If you work to cultivate an inner happiness in yourself, it doesn't work so well. That is a selfish approach and you are likely to bring up instinctive emotions and remember the past, especially the bad things that happened in the past.

In expressing love, one has to be very careful to know that it is a building situation, and be very careful not to get into unkind words, unkind thoughts and sarcasm. Sacrcasm is the first break down in a relationship. Being sarcastic and trying to change another person is disasterous to a relationship. You have to accept everybody as they are. People change by the example of other people. Children learn first by the example people set for them. They follow that example. They don't learn by words in the begining, (but)and that carries on all through life.

Everyone wants a hero, everyone wants a role model. So if you want to change someone else, be a role model for them. (and)Then they will become like you eventually. But, it takes time. (And)Be forgiving because love is also forgiving. (and)Be compassionate, love is also compassionate along with gratitude and expressing appreciation.

Photo of  Gurudeva
It's very simple: the energy within our body is the same energy that pervades the universe, and it's all emanating right out of Lord Siva.