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Spiritual Love

Gurudeva talks about the love of the soul body. Spiritual love transcends physical love. With spiritual love we see Siva emanating from everyone. Say "I love you" and then think what you mean by "you." Love their soul, Shiva's light.

Unedited Transcript:

Today we are talking about love. The three famous words - I Love You.

The spiritual love is the fourth kind, a little bit hard to come by but it is the love of the soul body and that transcends physical love, emotional love and mental love. It transcends all kinds of feelings. (and)It has a feeling of its own, which is called Bliss. The ever-flowing energy from Siva out through your body, the ever-flowing energy from Siva out through your mind, the ever-flowing energy of Siva out through your emotions. Caught up in that ever-flowing energy, you can truly say to everyone, "I love you".

( and )What does 'you' mean? Siva, because you are seeing Siva in each one. What are you looking at? You are not looking at the body. You are not appreciating or depreciating the intellect, you are not bothered about the emotions, whether they like you or they do not like you, because you are seeing Siva emanating out through the eyes, emanating out through their aura, emanating out through the skin. Siva is there.

This Great Supreme God of all the Gods is limited in one repect. He cannot take Himself out of you or anyone else. So mentally say, "I love you." Then, ask yourself the question, "What does 'you' mean?" You. That is a you. What does 'you' mean?

Does 'you' mean you like the body of the person? No. Does 'you' mean you like the emotions of a person? No. Does 'you' mean you like the intellect of the person? No. Does 'you' mean you like somebody as long as they are always pleasing to you, always agreeing with you, never upset you, never pull away from you? No.

It means that you love their soul. It means that you love Siva inside of them. The light within their eyes is Siva's light. The light that lights up their thoughts is Siva's light and that is what you love. That love is all-encompassing. That love is not partial love, half-love or just a little bit of love when it pleases a person. It is not magnetic love. It is not intellectual love. You are not putting any demands on the other person at all. You are not expecting anything back. [It is ]love for the sake of Love.

Photo of  Gurudeva
God has no names, but all names are the names of God. Whether you call Him this or that, He remains Who He is.