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Four Kinds of Love

Gurudeva begins this series of talks with the three famous words "I love you." Mentally say this to everyone you meet. Gurudeva tells us about four forms that love takes: Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, and Spiritual.

Unedited Transcript:

Good morning, everyone! Parmacharya Bodhinatha and Sannyasin Saravananatha are coming today and if any of the families would like to pick them up at the airport, it would help the Aadheenam. You can contact Shanmuganathaswami to find out details.

I'll be talking also on Sun 5. (with)The little talks that we are giving on Sun 1 and Sun 5 will go on the internet, (and)little pieces about 5 minutes a piece. (and)We are starting that program once again.

Today, we are talking about love. The three famous words - I love you. Did you catch it? I had an audience in Singapore and I taught them the three famous words, I love you. The whole audience of about 500 people, and even people out on the street, really their faces all lit up. So I said, "Mentally say to everyone you meet, I love you." Just mentally.

But, first we have to know that love comes in four forms. There is phyiscal love, magnetic attraction. (and) This is dualistic love because if the other person responds it is very good and if he doesn't respond, you don't like him. (And)That is not the kind of love that is all encompassing. It is a very narrow form of love.

It broadens a little bit with emotional love, which is the second kind. You love someone because they make you happy or you love to make other people happy. But if someone doesn't make you happy and you are trying to make somebody else happy and they just won't be happy, then you don't like them anymore. That is a dualistic form of love.

Phyiscal love and emotional love both together are a companion but then there is the intellectual love that comes in and breaks it all up. In the intellect, if you love somebody and they don't agree with you, then you don't like them. That interrupts the phyiscal love and the emotional love. Arguments start, sarcasm begins to well up.

These are all half-forms of love. People experience this everyday. But the spiritual love is the fourth kind, a little bit hard to come by, but it is the love of the soul body.

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Someone who meditates well also thinks well. He can flow through that thinking area of the mind and work out things through the thought processes.