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Karma, Wisdom and Soul Power

Today Gurudeva answers a question from someone who is in love with a girl he hasn't met. He says he should get someone to introduce them, then if the girl has any interest in him, meet her parents and have her meet his parents, check the astrological compatibility and proceed slowly. Gurudeva talks more about karma, and wisdom, which is the timely application of knowledge. By using wisdom, we avoid creating karma which we later suffer through.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam, May 26th. This is Gurudeva and we are very happy to have a question from England. There is someone in England who is in love with a girl but she doesn't know about it.

Well, that is a one-sided love. You should find someone to introduce the two of you, get aquainted and express your feelings. If she rejects you, then be very, very happy because she might have been the worst thing that could ever happen to you in this life. If she accepts you, don't go too fast. Get a marriage compatibility from an excellent astrologer and if you are compatible, meet her parents and have her parents meet yours. True marriage is a marriage between the girl's parents and the boy's parents, and the boy and the girl. Two families joining together as one. If that does not happen, we have a nuclear family and a nuclear family is just waiting to explode.

We hope this helps. If not, send another question.

We have been talking about the law of karma. We can work out karmas in this life that we made in past lives or early on in this life or we can create new karmas while we are working out karma by fighting the karmas we are working out. If we fight our way through life, as I mentioned yesterday, we live an unhappy life. Put the law of wisdom and everybody has wisdom, because wisdom is the timely application of knowledge. Wisdom is the timely application of knowledge. Wisdom is the timely application of knowledge. Say that to yourself out loud three times, as soon as this little sermonette is over. Wisdom is the application of knowledge, everybody has it. But sometimes we are in too much of a hurry to use it. Therefore, we are making new karma, storing it in the past, throwing it ahead into the future, then running right into it and wondering, "Why did we run right into that door without opening it? Why is this happening to me?"

By accepting the universal law of karma, every action has a reaction, you accept a principle within life that is never-failing. You can figure out your experience and therefore create a wonderful future for yourself by doing good things in the present. Right thought creates right speech creates right action creates a happy tomorrow!

And now in French, sweet Tamil language and beautiful Malay language.

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