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Karma and Soul Power

Many people have soul power, the positive qualities of the soul. In facing our karmas over and over again, we realize what we experience today, we created in the many yesterdays.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam, May 25th. This is Gurudeva greeting you in cyberspace. I am having your darshan, you are having mine. We are very, very happy, having completed the first book signing of 'Merging with Siva', here on the beautiful, garden island of Kauai. The very, very first time in thirty years, meeting the public on Kauai. Not only 'Merging with Siva' but, 'Lemurian Scrolls' was autographed, quite a few copies of each, at Borders Book store.

The questions that were asked were insightful. Many asked, "Are you going to have regular classes of study?" We said, "No, we are a theological seminary. Perhaps our families will have classes, if enough ask for them." We always believe in, 'you take one step, we take nine'. When we come to the end of our nine steps, you take another one and we will take another nine. That is a mystical rule of non-proselytization. Yes, we don't proselytize. I explained that very carefully to everyone. We do not proselytize.

We have beautiful books to study and each one can take a year or two to complete. For instance, if you do the 365 daily lessons in 'Merging with Siva', in three or four years - you have to be ready for this - your life is going to change. Are you ready to have your life change for the better? Well, it is going to happen.

Many people, as we were talking yesterday, are driven by arrogance power. But there are many people on the earth that are driven by soul power. Soul power has perfect timing, affectionately detached love, giving to others, finding happiness by making others happy. All those positive qualities, which on this beautiful garden island we call the Aloha Spirit.

Driven by arrogance is selfishness, leading to anger if you don't get what you want, jealously for those that have more than you. All kinds of negative qualities dressed up to look like positive qualities but they are not really, because it is not spiritual. With arrogance power, we make the karmas - bad, good and mixed. The selfish karmas in the many yesterdays, which we have to face in the many tomorrows to come. When we face those karmas, we fight our way through life, always blaming someone else. That is arrogance. "What did I do to deserve this or that?", we ask ourself the question. An unanswerable question, but we ask that question anyway, when we are in arrogance mood.

With soul power, we are able to bear our karma cheerfully, whether it is good, bad or mixed. Not getting too unhappy about the bad, not getting too happy about the good. Knowing all the time that what we experience today in the eternity of the moment, we created in those many yesterdays.

Now, we are going to hear the very same thing in Tamil language, in French language and in Malay. Just press those buttons and see if they got it right.

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