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Psychic Powers

Today Gurudeva answers a question about how to acquire psychic powers. He explains that the first job is to find one's Self, because psychic powers alone only develop the ego and make you think you are better than others. Gurudeva talks about the difference between Western psychology where the doctor tries to "fix" what is wrong with you, and Eastern psychology where through sadhana one removes the clouds over the already perfect soul.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam. April 27. Greetings to everyone in cyberspace. Nice looking out at you through cyberspace and see you looking at me. That is darshan. Darshan is the sight of someone.

We have a question here. "Can you help me develop my psychic powers? I would like to use the power to heal and help other people."

All psychic powers are phenomena. They are tools of the trade for Gurus. But, find your Self first. That is the path and that is why we are here on the Earth. Psychic powers often develop the ego, in thinking that you are better than someone else.

Modern psychology is different than Asian psychology. Modern psychology says, "Come to me, I will heal you. Something is terribly wrong with you and I can fix you. I am like a garage and you are like something that is broken and needs to be fixed."

Asian psychology is quite different. It says, "You are perfect. Your soul is perfect. Your mind is perfect. Only thing, you have something imperfect in you and that is the wrong concept about you, a wrong self-image. Perform sadhana daily."

Various sadhanas and tapas are given for the individual so that he can heal himself, he can fix himself. Because, all he has to do is to realize the perfection of his own soul. A radiant body of quantums of light, living in an intellect which is a tool, living in an astral body which he uses to travel in the astral plane, living in a physical body which he uses to travel in the physical world. Sometimes, ignorance sets in. The soul gets clouded with various conglomerates, various thousand shapes and colors, a pranic mass and he forgets who he is, really. He thinks that something is wrong with him. Whereas, all the time he is perfect and only he can achieve that perfection.

Ayurveda, natural healing, follows the same principle. In today's world, everybody is running around, trying to heal everybody else. Everybody needs a lot of healing and everybody else is sick and has something wrong with them. That is the Western path. That is not the Asian path, not the Hindu path, where you are perfect because the soul is perfect. Realizing the perfection of your soul takes personal discipline that only you can give yourself. Various breathing techniques and sadhana gives the individual, the tool with which to do that.

Well, thank you very much for this question. It has culminated in some very nice wisdom here. Get on with the path and realize the Self. That is the goal of this birth.

Now, we will hear the Tamil language, the French language, the Malay language. If you know those languages, then let that part of your brain enjoy this teaching.