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Making the Home an Ashram

Today Gurudeva answers two questions, the first about what to do about violent movies and television. He recommends speaking out against them, explaining the karmic chain which connects those who produce the movies with those who commit crimes as a result, because people in Hollywood understand karma. He answers a second question about bonding with your children, how to be affectionately detached, not get angry with them every and raise them in an intelligent way. Finally he explains how to make your home have the vibration of an ashram.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam. April 26. Aloha! Vanakkam! Greetings, everyone, from this beautiful Garden Island of Kauai, our Cyberspace Ashram.

We have two questions. "I am upset with the producers for making such movies and half upset with the public for actually paying money to go to them. My question is, what should I do? I know that I can control only my own actions by not going to these films and speaking out against them does not seem to be doing much to stop them. Your words of wisdom would be very helpful."

He is referring to the violent movies that perhaps, cause kids to act in violent ways, like killing people.

Well, word of wisdom is - speak out against and show the karmic chain. Everyone in Hollywood, at least everyone that I know in Hollywood, is interested in karma and understands karma. "I'll see you in my next life." "My karma made me do it." You hear *these little phrases* all the time, on TV and in the films. But, what is not known is the karmic chain of reaction because transcript.html action we make would cause others' action. You know, I was explaining this a couple of days ago. So, keep speaking out about the karmic chain and explain it to everybody. The word will get around.

Another question from Canada. "How is it possible to bond with one's children and yet be affectionately detached?"

Well, being affectionately detached is not meaning that you are absolutely detached. It means that you can't become angry with them because you are not that attached in an emotional way. It means that you have a lot of affection, yet you are detached enough to let them their lives and behave as they should behave at each stage of their growing up. An eight-year old is able to behave as an eight-year old. But,a fourteen-year old should behave as a fourteen-year old. It is all documented in psychology books by the thousands these days. A lot of research has been done, check it out, very good research. Buy some books on child management. If you are affectionately detached, you will always be affectionate and understanding and bond forever with your children.

What is the difference between an ashram like we have here and your own home? It is the regular worship, the regular sadhana at the same time everyday. If you can accomplish that in your home, you will have turned your home into a place of the gods, a place that the devas would want to visit, into an ashram.

Now we are going to hear the Tamil language, the French language and the beautiful Malay language.